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  • We have a range of sizes and can do everything to custom spec. 
  • Wall graphic comes with a matt finish for a quality almost hand-painted look.
  • All wall art comes with a comprehensive instruction guide & video tutorial.
  • Our graphics are ready to apply, with the application tape already applied.

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Make your home unique with one of the latest trends — Wall Sticker / Decals. With our wall art, you can transfer your home in seconds, leaving an exquisite hand-painted effect.

We source on the best Matt wall art vinyl to work with and use a medium tack paper-based application tape so they are easily transferred onto the walls.

his product is brand new and high-quality, it can be directly applied to the walls, ceramics, glass, window, furniture, mirror, car…any flat smooth surfaces…

Quick Guide How They Work:

1, Clean and dry the surface and line up where you want your wall art to go.
2, Peel off the wall sticker from the backing sheet carefully.
3, Apply to the clean and smooth surface with a squeegee or plastic card. Moving over the design with a firm action squeeze out any air bubbles and make sure you have worked over the full area of the application tape.
4, Pull away the application tape gently and pulling down you will be left with the wall sticker transferred onto the wall.

We can customise your wall art in any size/colour to meet your required needs. Simply contact us for a quote or query.

Our stickers don’t have a plastic outline.

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