Personalised Fishing Trip Enamel Mug


Enamel 10oz Mug

Our Metal Mug comes with a white glossy enamel finish with a lovely sharp print. This mug is a perfect gift or ideal for

  • Camping Trips
  • Fishing Trips
  • Outdoor Picnic
  • Any Outdoor Adventure
  • Retro look for home bar
  • Corporate Gift
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Personalised Fishing Trip Enamel Mug

Get your Personalised Fishing Trip Enamel Mug and make your camping trips, hiking trips, or adventures unique with our enamel mugs to spice up all those little outings. Our Metal Mug comes with a white glossy enamel finish with a lovely sharp print. Excellent Camping Mugs, Metal Mug, Metal Cups, Cup In A 10 Oz Enamel Finish. Our Retro Mugs Come With A “Personalised Fishing Trip” Design On A White Glossy Metal Mug. These Are Excellent Camping Cups Mugs And Ideal For Camping & Hot Drinks. This Personalised Fishing Trip Enamel Mug Can Be Bought As A Coffee Mugs Set Of 4 Or Mugs Sets Of 6. Excellent Fishing, Camping Cup And Versatile Metal Cup And Great Gift For Any Adventure.

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Enamel, is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, usually between 750 and 850 °C (1,380 and 1,560 °F). Because of this the powder melts and then hardens to a smooth and durable vitreous coating. The word comes from the Latin vitreum, meaning “glass”.

We love enamel mugs here at GDirect and we aim to provide a chance for everyone to experience to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or whatever and enjoy watching a beautiful sunset.

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A wide range of Enamel Mugs can be found on GDirect, with more incoming.

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Firstly we also provide a wide range of Banksy wall stickers and more types of wall stickers, secondly, we also provide mugs, thirdly we also provide custom mugs, and finally, we also provide on GDirect Enamel mugs.


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Personalised Fishing Trip – Material –

Glossy Ceramic Enamel


Mug Dimensions –

Height – 8cm

Diameter – 8.6cm


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